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The Romanian Association for Endoscopic Surgery (ARCE) has conducted an analysis of the development of laparoscopic surgery in Romania.
The study benefited from the support of the National School of Public Health Management and Improvement in the Health Sector (SNSPMS) which provided us with information extracted from the national database held by this institution.
The analysis took 2008 as a benchmark, a year in which the Ministry of Health made a massive investment in technology by purchasing 64 laparoscopic surgery kits. Consequently, the development of minimally invasive surgery in Romania has been significant and constant.
By analyzing the number of surgeries for colorectal pathology, we observe that there is a constant increase of those procedures, with a doubling of the number of surgeries in the last 2 years (probably related to a more efficient and early diagnosis of some operable lesions). On the other hand, the number of minimally invasive surgeries (laparoscopic, transanal, robotic) showed a modest increase, from 5% to only 7.5% in 2016 compared to 2018(1)
Basically, we are in the same situation as England in 2006-2008, where, with a coherent educational program and a strong government support, after 10 years, 67% of colorectal surgery cases were minimally invasive. (2)
How was this possible? Can Romania replicate this great model?

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