Dear friends,

On behalf of EAES and The Romanian Association for Endoscopic Surgery, I am honoured to invite you to the most important MIS event of this winter!

The 2024 Symposium on Innovation in Surgery is waiting for you in Bucharest with an outstanding scientific programme, with sessions dedicated to AI, robotic surgery, their influence on research and education as well as their clinical impact in gastro-intestinal surgery, abdominal wall repair, urology, gynaecology, and thoracic surgery.
Live oesophagectomy with two different robotic platform and hands-on courses for safer UGI, colorectal or image guided procedures organised by the best trainers in the field, are also highlights of SIS2024 in Bucharest.

In February 2024, the capital of MIS will be in Eastern Europe!

I look forward to welcoming you all, fascinated, interested and curious to learn more about future surgery and medical technologies!